MBUTNU is a philosophical world view that is very much the core of African culture – “I am because of who we all are”. As such our Mbuntu programs concentrate on community with a particular focus on youth – connecting with them in school, in community, in family – to identify vulnerable youth, instruct on well- being, provide an avenue for discussion and mentorship.

Universal primary education (UPE) is provided by the Ugandan government, but many students do not possess resources to continue pursuing education. Education remains one of the single most important factors in reducing poverty and providing opportunities for the future.

Vocational training provides an important opportunity for skill acquisition and income generating opportunities. Salama Shield was a contributing factor in the building and completion of the Salama Vocational Education Centre in Lyatnonde (Opened February 2013) — the centre currently provides skills training in: carpentry, bricklaying, auto mechanics, culinary arts and hospitality, tailoring and weaving. In addition, the Salama Education Centre provides a unique crosscutting themaci programme called ‘Mbuntu Dialogues’.’ This programme builds on the Mbuntu philosophy and creates opportunities for all students to discuss and learn about issues beyond their vocational training programme to ensure a new generation of leaders is inspired to tackle socio-economic problems as well as enhance trade and craftsmanship.

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