Florence’s Story

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Florence’s Story

Florence has taken on the traditional roles of mother and father in looking after her three younger siblings after her parents became victims of AIDS. Today, the siblings live in a small mud hut with their two elderly grandfathers. Florence became a beneficiary of Salama SHIELD Foundation in 2008 when she received two female goats as an income generating resource for her family. The goats have since reproduced and allow her to pay for school fees, including books and uniforms. Florence is currently awaiting the opportunity and financial resources to complete her primary school exams and shows a keen interest in learning a vocational skill at the Vocational Education Centre in Lyantonde. Salama SHIELD Foundation’s goat program is used to support a vulnerable person or family in the community, individuals such as single parents, youth or child-led households. Goats create a host of benefits for caretakers, including nutritional support, income generation and development of entrepreneurial and animal husbandry skills. Additionally, goats can be bred to double the benefit; its milk can provide nourishment or become business venture, while individual goats or offspring can be sold. Profits that result from caring for goats can help support food security, payment of school fees, purchase of household items, payment medical bills or clothing and footwear purchases.

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