Lamulati’s Story

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Lamulati’s Story

Lamulati is 44 years old and became a widow in 2005. Since then she has been caring for
12 children, 8 of her own and the rest stepchildren. Lamulati is part of a microfinance
group of “unbankable” women from her village and her charisma and natural leadership
abilities earned her a position as group mobilizer. The group received training in
accounting, saving money, project management, recordkeeping and group dynamics. After
three loan cycles, Lamulati is out of the cycle of poverty. Lamulati generates income
through poultry production and farming, including seasonal crops and bananas. Her garden
allows her to feed herself and her family. She is able to pay school fees and had the funds to
strengthen her home with iron sheets and add windows and doors.
Salama SHIELD’s microfinance programs currently boast a 100% repayment rate! These
programs target “unbankable” women, those who are too poor to qualify for loans, lack
collateral and are culturally dependent on their husbands. Women become part of a group
of 5-20 other women from their village and take part in a business-training program. The
revolving loan scheme allows repaid interest to be re-loaned to current members who
want access to bigger loans, or to new members joining the group. Additionally, our goat
and pig programs are used to provide nutritional support, income generation and
development of entrepreneurial and animal husbandry skills to vulnerable youth and

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