Lawrence’s Story

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Lawrence’s Story

Tereza, a single mother, and her family were tagged as vulnerable and received two goats from Salama SHIELD Foundation. The goats have since multiplied to nine and provided Tereza with the means to send her children to school, as well as purchase a banana plantation to provide additional income. Additionally, Tereza’s oldest son, Lawrence, has received training to become a carpenter, further contributing to the resources for the family.

According to Lawrence:

“I am overjoyed with the work I am doing. If it was not the goats received from SSF, I would not have gotten skills in carpentry. If I can now get capital to start my own workshop, it will enable me to take care of my grandmother and siblings. I am grateful to the Salama SHIELD Foundation.”
Salama SHIELD’s goat program is one of its most successful models to date. The community helps to identify a vulnerable person or family who could use support and is likely to be effective livestock caretakers. These individuals may be single parents, youth or child-led households. Goats create a host of benefits for caretakers, including nutritional support, income generation and development of entrepreneurial and animal husbandry skills. Additionally, goats can be bred to double the benefit; its milk can provide nourishment or become business venture, while individual goats or offspring can be sold. Profits that result from caring for goats can help support food security, payment of school fees, purchase of household items, payment medical bills or clothing and footwear purchases.

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