Salama Shield


At Salama SHIELD Foundation (SSF), we believe that sustainable and meaningful development is community-determined and community-owned. When the felt-needs, cultural values, and social dynamics of affected people are respected and prioritized, individuals and communities impressively reclaim their hope, worthwhileness, and well-being.


Salama SHIELD Foundation (SSF) is a registered charitable organization that strives to “do development differently.” We depend on – and defer to – the collective strength of indigenous wisdom, scientific knowledge, and spiritual values so that we can come alongside communities in responding to their health and development needs.



The MCRL program is currently recognized as the signature piece of the Salama SHIELD Foundation (SSF).


Our rationale for the establishment of the Salama SHIELD Foundation (SSF) emerged out of our HIV/AIDS anthropological research conducted during the height of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. 


Informal education is incorporated within all of SSF’s programs: health, WaSH (water, sanitation, and hygiene), microfinance, and nutrition.


Clean, potable water prevents illness and disease transmission, and when used properly, maintains the health of individuals and families.


Food security (FS) suggests that persons, families, and communities can easily access the necessary nutritional sources of energy that furnish physical well-being.


Donations to SSF support locally-led initiatives that address health and development needs in vulnerable communities within Uganda and Malawi.

Your generosity makes our work possible. Whether you contribute financially or as advocate for good.

Your generosity allows us to provide:

  • Small business microloans to women whose hard work improves their families’ income security and well-being , as well as that of the larger community
  • Skills training for orphans and vulnerable youth (OVC)
  • Programs combatting gender disparity and gender-based biolence (GBV)
  • WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) projects and food security programs.

SSF is registered as a charitable organization with the Canadian Revenue Agency (#890627672RR0001). To reduce administrative costs and time, donations and tax receipts are processed and managed by Charitable Impact.