Janifer’s Story

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Janifer’s Story

Janifer is the fourth of six children in her family, and the most educated by having
completed senior three (grade 11) and some of senior four (grade 12). However, Janifer
had to drop out of school in 2010 when her mother became ill and she was needed at home
to help with her older brother and his six young children, her younger sister and an ill
nephew. Additionally, Janifer now has a child of her own after being abandoned by the
father. None of her siblings have an education beyond senior two (grade 10) and the family
was relying on the $28/month Janifer earned as a part-time teacher in her neighbourhood’s
primary school, but this was not enough for a family of 12. Janifer was selected by her
community to receive training in carpentry and joinery through a scholarship at VEC-L, the
vocational school built and founded by SSF. This gives her the potential to care for
everyone in her family.

About her studies and future, Janifer says: “I know if I train and know how to make furniture
of a high value, my family and my life will never be the same”
As a way to support education and training, Salama SHIELD has established Salama
Vocational Education Centre – Lyantonde (SVEC-L), with practical studies focused on
supporting youth development and employability. Curricula promote the development of
the whole person and program clusters include foundation studies, environment and
agriculture, with individual study areas such as animal husbandry, auto mechanics,
bricklaying, culinary arts, hospitality, tailoring, concrete and carpentry. As part of their
studies, students take part in “Mbuntu Dialogues,” which creates a forum for youth to
discuss and confront social issues and learn how to avoid risky behaviours. Discussions
take place around reproductive health and social issues, also presenting an opportunity for
youth to develop leadership skills and roles within the community. At SSF we believe these
youth can succeed and have placed SVEC-L and our Community Development Centre to
provide them with practical skills, support and the opportunity to discuss prevalent issues.
Recently, Salama SHIELD has fully handed over SVEC-L, now VEC-L to the community.

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