Sarah’s Story

Project Description

Sarah’s Story


Sarah at 13 years and in Grade four, lived with her aunt Gertrude and the only mother she has ever known. Years of struggling with the medical bills of her seriously ill uncle, food, clothing and school fees, had left the family destitute.
But for the small herd of goats now reproducing and bringing an income to this ailing family – goats provided in compassion by the Salama SHIELD Foundation, this family might not have survived.

Family Background
Sarah’s biological mother passed away when she was still a babe in arms. Without means to care for a baby daughter, her father brought Sarah to her aunt to be cared for. Sarah has seen little of her father since. In addition to caring for Sarah, Gertrude’s husband lies ill inside the hut. His repeated hospital admissions and medicines have taken all they owned. And the herd of goats they once had, have all been used in repayment of fees owed. Aunt Gertrude brings in what little she can by selling home grown garden beans and a few coffee beans. Sarah’s education, books and pencils, her hunger, her clothing and health are a daily struggle and burden on her aunt. This small family has exhausted all their resources when Salama SHIELD blessed this family with two new goats. That day Sarah joyfully and shyly took the lead and brought them into a newly constructed pen. This small gift became a new start, new collateral and a source of income for the family. Hope for today. Her story Sarah’s uncle passed away not long after the two goats arrived in 2008, and a few months later their mud and thatch home collapsed. But her Aunt Gertrude’s determination in life has done her well. She worked hard to care for her gardens and the new goat herd with Sarah’s help, and today lives in a 3 roomed home of iron sheeting, wood poles and mud, and cares for 2 other grandchildren in addition to Sarah.


Through Gertrude’s hard work and the goats provided by Salama SHIELD, Sarah has continued to attend school.

Positive Outcomes

The first goats given multiplied twice, but then fell ill despite the healthy certification of the goats. However with four healthy goats remaining, double the number they started with, the family sold one goat for clothing, a cooking pot and food. The family knows the remaining goats will reproduce soon again, and are so very thankful for the better life and home they have today with a little hand up and help along the way provided by Salama SHIELD.

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