1992 – 1994: Promoting Sexual Health in Uganda — Talking About AIDS Intervention Research Project
• Phase 1 funding from the International Development Research Centre, IDRC, Ottawa, Canada)
• Co-Principal Investigators: Dr. Dennis Willms, McMaster University, Canada, and Professor Nelson Sewankambo, Dean of Medical School, Makerere University, Uganda

• Salama SHIELD Foundation (SSF) established as a charitable organization registered with Canada Revenue Authority (CRA) in Canada

1997 – 1999: Promoting Sexual Health in Uganda — The Participatory Action Research (PAR) Project
• Phase 2 funding from the International Development Research Centre, IDRC, Ottawa, Canada

November 1998: Mentorship Intervention Project
• Begins with 16 trained mentors (Ssengas) from 4 villages of Lyantonde Town Council

Mentorship Intervention Project
• Scaled up to include the male mentors (Kojjas) from Lyantonde Town Council
• 21 Kojjas trained in issues pertaining to HIV/AIDS behavioural prevention in the context of sexual and reproductive health

• Salama SHIELD Foundation (SSF) and community members identify the land where the Community Development Centre (CDC) is to be built.
• Need for the CDC, as a safe place for reflection-and-action for community members on development, was a product of conceptual events (dialogical) discussions held with community leaders and elders in Lyantonde

• Construction of the Community Development Centre (CDC) starts

2002 – 2005
• Implementation of the comprehensive health program supported by the Motz Family Foundation (MFF), Canadian Rotary Committee for International Development (under CRCID Project #2000.08), and Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI)

• SSF staff begin working out of the Community Development Centre (CDC)

Salama Drama Group is formed to co-exist and support a sports outreach programme: o during half-time, they would perform and communicate HIV/AIDS education to persons from the community attending sports events

2004 – 2006: Facilitating Indigenous Aunt and Uncle Mentorship to Young People as a Means of Reducing HIV/AIDS in Lyantonde, South-western Uganda
• funding from the Canadian International Development Agency
• 150 trained ‘aunt’ (Ssengas) and 150 ‘uncle’ (Kojjas) mentors were matched with 3 young people (same gender) of their choice, resulting in 450 adolescent girls and 450 adolescent boys benefiting 2

• The CDC was commissioned on May 19th, 2005 by Hon Maria Mutagamba representing his Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, President of Uganda

August 24, 2006 
• Dr. Dennis Willms (CEO, SSF) and staff hosted his Royal Highness Kabaka Muwenda Mutebi II at the Community Development Centre (CDC)

• The Rotary Foundation conduct a project site visit to Lyantonde and SSF programmes

October 2006 – 2009: 3H Grant (# 57835) — Health, Hunger and Humanity Project — HIV and AIDS Prevention
• Funding from Rotary Foundation International, in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Hamilton and the Rotary Club of Hamilton AM
• Support provided to orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) and marginalized women
• Distributed bicycles to 246 (129=F, 117=M) mentors (a co-founding arrangement where mentors contributed 40% and the Rotary Foundation 60%
• Aim was to ease the workload of mentors needing to reach youth in remote villages

2007OVC Goat Project
• 13 families receive two (2) goats each as Income Generating Activities (IGAs) o these households, often headed by child-adults with no parents, elderly grand-parents and widowed or single parents, are identified by community elders and leaders

2006 – 2017Internship Programme

• Commences for students from different universities and institutions in Uganda to carry out their field work practice under the supervision of the organization
• Interns are linked in their volunteer work with the different programmes of the SSF, according to their educational discipline

2008 – 2013African Initiative
• Funded by Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
• The African Initiative Congress on Climate Change (November 1-4, 2009)

• Recognition of two staff members – Hanifa Namuli and Rose Kawere – for ten (10) years’ service with the Salama SHIELD Foundation

June 2008: Micro-credit Revolving Loan (MCRL) Program
• Starts with twenty five (25) disadvantaged women from five (5) villages with funding from the 3H Rotary Grant

June 2009: Scaling up the MCRL program
• To provide capital and business training to women and youth from 40 villages in Lyantonde District
• Funded by Mr. Peter Cullen, a Canadian benefactor

Stop TB Project (funded by the World Health Organization — Challenge Facility for Civil Society (CFCS))
• Supported Community Based Directly Observed Therapy Short-course Strategy
• case referrals to the health system to address Tuberculosis Salama Vocational and Educational School – Lyantonde (SVE-L)
• Land is purchased

OVC Goat Program
• Scaling up by providing MCRL and income generating activity resources to orphans and vulnerable children with support from Jim and Lorna Blair Family Foundation
• Ms. Hanifa Namuli and Ms. Rose Kawere were presented with certificates for having served over ten years
• Mr. George Mutyaba was also recognized for his ten (10) years of service

December 2011

• A formal ground-breaking ceremony is held at the site of the SVEC-L, formalizing the Phase 1 construction for the school and construction begins for the SVEC-L

Pearl of Africa Baseball Exchange
• Young men from Vancouver, B.C., Canada, together with chaperones and parents, come to Lyantonde to play baseball together,
• Organized by Luke Willms

2011 – 2015 
• Partnership with the Rotary Club of Kampala North
• Nkondo Adopt Project — training of Nkdu members and management, training for KYENATU Development Association members and evaluating the 5 impact of the Rotary funded projects among community members of Nkondo Sub-County in Buyende district

Ambassador of Hope
• Hanifa Namuli is decorated with the honour of Ambassador of Hope for Salama SHIELD Foundation at a dinner with SSF staff in Lyantonde, Uganda

July 2012:
Eye Clinic at the CDC
• A two-day eye camp is held at the Community Development Centre (CDC) in Lyantonde
• Dr. Les Neufeld, team and family from Canada donate their time and professional services

December 2012 – 2014:
Strengthening Community Response against HIV and AIDS Project
• In Rakai District in partnership with RACOBAO

Grand opening of SVEC-L
• Attended by the Vice-President of Uganda

2013 – 2017: Partnership with the University of British Columbia
• A partnership between Salama SHIELD Foundation and the University of British Columbia under the British Columbia Student Exchange Programme
• Coordinated by Mrs. Tamara Baldwin
• In 2015 there was a site visit from UBC Professors – Professor Catherine, Professor Sunaina and Ms. Nidhi to Salama Shield Foundation office in Lyantonde to better understand the organization and its programs and activities.

Salama SHIELD Foundation Children Care Fund 
• Support the medical care (surgeries, treatment) of physically challenged children
• Nine children with special medical needs referred to Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services in Uganda (CORSU) Rehabilitation Hospital, Kisubi and St. Francis Hospital for corrective surgery and treatment
• Three staff members are recognized for their ten (10) years of support and work with SSF: Ruth Nakaaki, Yoram Malanzi, and Fred Mawanda — presented with certificates and gifts

October 2014
• Hajat Sarah Matovu was awarded a certificate acknowledging her contribution to Salama SHIELD Foundation for ten years of service
• Attended by the SSF CEO, Senior Management Team and staff at the Community Development Centre (CDC)

2014 – Sept 2017: Partnership with Mildmay Uganda
• Implemented the Community Systems Strengthening Community and Facility Linkages Project

February 2015: Salama SHIELD Foundation Site of Excellence
• Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development (MGLSD) in collaboration with Save the Children International under the SUNRISE OVC Project, declare SSF a Site of Excellence

Loan Tracker is Created and Updated for the MCRL Program
• Loan Tracker, a series of excel documents, is created and updated by Dr. Don 7 Wagner of the University of Prince Edward Island, Canada o It records all of the micro-credit financial flows which occur in a given month, including individual savings, loan repayments and withdrawals, write-offs, irregular payments and loan disbursements

Hosted UN Women
• Hosted UN Women team to work with youth of Lyantonde Town council on the theme of reducing violence against women and girls o the first of its kind for the youth of Lyantonde District where the importance of the 25th day of every month to mark Uganda Youth Network Orange Day aimed at raising awareness for women’s issues
• Brandon Fehderau, a Canadian volunteer, produces a song together with the Drama Group called ‘Protect Love’

2016 – 2017: Pole Lathe Training
• SSF launches a new effort to enable carpenters do their work without the use of electricity
• Six (6) youth trained in pole lathe tecnniques at the CDC
• Mr. Roy Godber (Canada) and Mr. Mike Gordon UK)

November 2016: Indigenization Process for SSF-Uganda
• Meeting with Dr. Willms and Professor Nelson Sewankambo and staff members to discuss indigenization process

March 2017: Laurentian Christian School (Canada)
• Received donation of 28 goats from young children from Canada
• 2 (two) goats were donated by Mrs. Lisa Larmon-Burega’s mother and sister to the OVCs in partnership with SSF

• SSF hosts Anthony, Tai and Sandy from Singapore: they donated footballs (donated by young people from Tai’s school) to primary schools, some micro credit groups and OVC households

Siriba Adopt Community Project (Bweyale District)
• Partnership with Rotary Club of Kampala North, Uganda
• Support the OPIT-KIC (Let us feed the orphans) Widows Group through training in Micro-credit operations

September – October 2017: Rakai Health Sciences Program (RHSP)
• Implement the OVC Regionalization Program in Lyantonde District

September 2017: Dental Camp
• Lisa Larmon-Burega organized a four-day dental camp at the Community Development Centre (CDC)
• Dr. Schmotter, San Francsico, and six other dental professionals from the USA volunteered their time and professional services

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